Our Approach

Berkeley Henderson Consultants1) Fast track-Six Sigma: Through process mapping we study supplier’s current process flow, identify bottleneck and disconnects, measure lead time for each process and define problem areas for improvement opportunities. We coach the participants to apply Six Sigma (DMAIC) Methodology to collect & analyze data, measure process capability and use control chart to monitor process variation. The participants will learn how to identify critical to quality (CTQ) elements, use fish-bone diagrams to analyze root cause of problems, and implement Statistical Process Control charts to achieve optimum Process Capability Index (Cpk) with minimum defectives. The Six Sigma Project Teams will present their improvement results to the supplier management, demonstrating ways to reduce the Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ) which will eventually lead to high profitablity.

2) Long track-Lean System: Lean production Deliver Value from your Customer’s perspective, Eliminate Waste, and Continuously Improve the Processes. The 4 key Principles used in our Lean System are:

(a) Pull System:  Base on customer demand, it pulls the back end assembly line to deliver products

(b) One Piece Flow: Unlike batch production, One Piece Flow eliminate work-in-progress inventory

(c) TAKT: Optimum TAKT time allow us to balance work content to achieve continuous flow

(d) Zero Defects: Production line will stop completely to fix any defects, so it will delivery ZERO DEFECTS.

In addition, 5S (100% cleanliness system) is also a pre-requisite for a Lean System, we coach the supplier to establish a super clean & organized work place prior to setting up of the Lean System.

Using Lean System 4 key principles, we develop a Continuous Improvement Process in the supplier’s operation to achieve Higher Quality, Shorter Lead Time, and Minimum Cost. Therefore, the Lean System will drive the Supplier cost level to the lowest possible level, eventually will enhance company profitability on a continuous basis.

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